Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tactics: Company Command Squad (Part 2)


Hey everyone,

So I figured I’d throw up the next installment of the Company Command Tactics! This time, I’ll be covering possibly the best addition to the HQ in the IG codex: The Regimental Advisors.


  • The ability to alter Reserve Rolls and Outflanking Dice is an amazing trick in today’s game.
  • Artillery Bombardment gives you an extra Large Blast template every turn, as long as the CCS doesn’t move.
  • The Bodyguards give you 2 cheap wounds to keep your order-issuing Commander alive.
  • Krak grenades, Carapace, and Camo Cloak upgrades are also given to your advisors.


  • Artillery Bombardment usually scatters too much to do anything the first place.
  • They all have 1 wound and Ld7, despite being 30 points a piece.
  • You can’t upgrade them with any additional upgrades.

When I run Regimental Advisors, I always run the Officer of the Fleet. My main opponent loves using Outflankers and Drop Pods, so when he tries to bring his stuff in, he needs a 5, rather than a 4, to start killing my tanks. I also run a Vendetta regularly for my veterans, but I don’t run an astropath. Why? Because I Like my reserves to come in later, rather than earlier. In an Air-Cav style army, an Astropath is essential. Now for the Master of Ordnance...I’ve watched another guard player run him all the time, and everytime, he does absolutely nothing all game but scare the shit out of me as he misses by 9-14”. I used to run him, I scratch-built a model for him, but if he sees the table, its a fun game.


Finally, with the Bodyguards….I’ve never run them, and honestly, I don’t think they’re worth it in the long run. You can’t upgrade them at all, and the the fact they give your Commander one or two extra wounds for 30 points just doesn’t justify the points. All in all, stick with the Officer of the Fleet or the Astropath; for 30 points, they’re some of the best upgrades you can buy through the entire army.

So those Skaven finally came in, I’m picking through the many many sprues, about to get started tomorrow. I also have a group of Orks coming soon, so my plate is going to be full for the next month or so! Expect many, many pictures of both projects soon! I’m hoping these projects get me out of a little bit of a painting rut I’ve been in lately.

Also, my friend showed me how to play Warmachine on Saturday. Fun game, I might start up a Cygnar faction. If you guys have any tips about the game, please, send me some info!




  1. I really like these types of posts, because I plan on building a Guard army in the future. I have been looking at the command squads, and this gives me something to think about. On the Warmachine front, I recommend buying the Cygnar starter force to start. Once you have basics down, I would add Longgunners, a Journeyman Warcaster, Sword Knights and a Hunter for a solid core force. I feel that Cygnar are a well rounded force, and you should have a lot of fun playing them.

  2. I'm glad you like them Dannicus, if you have any questions regarding Guard, including painting them, please don't hesitate to email me! As for the Warmachine, that sounds like a good start, but I have been looking at some of the Warjacks, so I might throw one or two of those in.

  3. BTW..check your email when you have a moment.

  4. Nice article, good insight for those of us getting ready to build a new guard army.

  5. the downside to the officer of the fleet is that when i play guard, i want my opponants units on the table so i can shoot them to pieces. i dont want them coming in at the end of the game and contesting objectives with full strength units.