Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Editorial: Well This Has Been an Eventful 3 Days

Hey everyone,

So not a whole lot going on painting or modelling-wise, I seem to be in a rut concerning my own pieces. However, I am working on a commissioned St. Celestine that will be really sweet when its all finished. Anyways, I’ve had a very interesting last three days; more importantly, Saturday was pretty interesting.

I decided to go down to the shop with a friend and get a game in or two, as well as pick up that model for the Commission. As I got there, another friend of mine told me that there was an “Epic sized Imperial Guard game” going on. So of course, I rushed in, hoping for an Apoc game or something….I found the other Imperial Guard player, a gentleman who owns over 15k of unpainted Guard plastics and resin models, playing against his caretaker. His Caretaker, who doesn’t understand the game very well, still has almost 7k of Dark Angels, coupled with 2k Sisters of Battle. My friend and I jumped in, controlling the Dark Angels for his caretaker.

Within the first 5 minutes, I knew there was no way we could win, and that this was just an opportunity to put a bunch of models on the table and take up space, so I told the Guard player that we were going to forfeit and quit the game. He then proceeded to become angry and couldn’t understand how we couldn’t win…so I let him fire just his Leman Russ’…50% of our army was destroyed after those, his basilisks, and the THREE Superheavy tanks he had sitting in the back fired all their shots at us. Even after that, he had trouble understanding how unfair the game was.

Now, this gentleman has PTSD from being in the military for over 20 years, but during this whole game and argument, I couldn’t keep my cool talking to him. After I started helping his caretaker start to pack did he realize how unfair the game was, but still, he managed to turn an entire day of relaxing 40k into a stressful ordeal. I have to drive over an hour to get to the shop, and now, I don’t think its worth my time.

My Sunday was not quite as stressful, but I did watch my Denver Broncos lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars…that's enough pain right there!


And finally, my Monday was going fine…until I discovered my main Email was hacked and had begun to send off SPAM emails to all my friends and family….so I got to create a brand new one and rebuild…

Anyways, just a quick look into my weekend, hope everyone had a frank and productive one themselves! I did manage to snap a picture of my favorite pieces I did for said Guard player while I was down at the shot: The Forge World Company Command Squad. While I don’t like a Powerfist on my Company Commander, this model is pretty snazzy! You can definitely see how much my painting has changed in just under a year too!


Anyways, I’ve got those Skaven coming in, as well as that St. Celestine figure to do. I’m also working on my Ork army. I haven’t revealed any pictures yet, but just to show where I’m going….


Expect awesomeness to eminate for a while….


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  1. That game soundded like bad business. Hope you and him can get over it, I suggest that you just use youre own army to loose to him (jk). Which books should I get for dark heresy, I kinda want to read up on it so I'm not completely lost if we ever get around to playing.