Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reinforcements are Incoming!!

Hey everyone,

So it’s been a little bit, I’m totally settled into my new apartment on campus, have attended 3 out of my 4 classes, and have found time to get a little hobby in! I do keep finding things I forgot to bring with me, which is driving me crazy, but they should be in the mail and on their way too.

So a little trick to keep the hobby cheap and entertaining is to become an eBay warrior. My main crack is searching for cheap Forge World stuff. I’ve gotten my first Veteran upgrades kit there, as well as my Arvus and some special weapon Cadians. However this time, I found a nice little toy for the Guard for about $20 cheaper than going straight through Forge World:


Here you can see my other current project observing the wreckage…where’s the Techpriest when you need him!


I love my first Hydra, and when I won this one for cheap, I was really excited. Its actually about to go for the cleaning bath to get all ready for painting!

I also, as a guard player, have about a bazillion Guardsmen lying around that I need to get painted. As of right now, I have 6 full infantry Squads, 2 Veteran Squads, 3 Company and Platoon Commands, as well as a squad of Penal Legion. So with a little time between my next commissions, I decided to get some work done on Infantry Squad #7: Red Squad. This squad is going to be armed with a Meltagun instead of my standard flamer or Grenade Launcher.


The Sergeant’s head is from the FW Infantry Squad upgrade kit (I love bitz stores), and the Meltagunner is the Metal Meltagunner. These two aren’t quite done, but you can get a feel for my guardsmen and the level of detail that goes into them with these pictures.

My next two commissions (More Bad Moonz orks and Clan Skryre Skaven) should be here within the next week, so expect pictures of those over the next month or so. Also, always expect more guard pictures!



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