Sunday, August 15, 2010

Painting: Bad Moonz Orks (Part Trois)

Hey everyone,

So I finally finished the first group of Boyz for the commission, complete with 2 Big Shootas and a Nob! I’m really happy with all the warpaint on the Orks, the yellow compliments the Green of the Orkskin and the brown of the pants. I’ll take some more pictures too, but one of the Big Shootas has “Dakka!” written across the barrel, as well as his Stikkbombs, which has “Bang!” and “Boom!” written on them. Hey, I think I’d make a pretty good Ork myself! Anyways, here’s the pics:




Next up are the Gretchin to take a little break from the Orks. I have 5 of them done so far, but I don’t have any pictures taken yet, so expect the better half of a unit finished the next time I get time to post! I also received my new personal project on Saturday, so expect pictures of “WAAAGH! Management” in the next month or so. What’s “WAAAGH! Management” you ask? Read back a couple posts and you’ll probably be able to guess.



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