Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painting: Bad Moonz Death Company!…..wait…..

Hey everyone,

So I’ve got a couple more pictures to throw up, I’m trying to expand my pictures and my range of stuff I provide, so coupled with these pictures are a preview of a unit I never got around to finishing for whatever reasons. I was actually going to enter them into the BoLS Painting Competition in May (hint hint)…

Anyways, here’s the first half to the Gretchin Squad, complete with big ol’ ugly Runtherder and his pet Squig! I decided to keep the squig going with the yellow theme, and personally, I think he turned out great! The spots on his back are especially colourful, and the whole movement of the model is just fun and goofy! So here’s the pictures:



There’s still a little bit of detail I missed on his chest that I’ll go back and finish later.

Now for my other pictures. As I said, this was the start to a unit I never got finished, the bases are all done and they’re primed, but I just can’t bring myself to finish them. When I do sit down and get them done, they’ll probably adorn the shelves or go up on eBay, so keep an eye out.

The start to my Blood Angels Death Company:


The Powerfist is still my favorite part of the figure, and he’s just dripping in so much detail and design, he was really a lot of fun to do. I just can’t get myself motivated to finish the rest…Anyways, expect more pictures of the Gretchin, I want to get a full shot of everything so far, it looks really impressive!


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